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The raw material which is transferred in site for processing and recycling, comes from excavations and earthworks, construction and demolition which are carried out in the framework of private and public works and are classified as AEKK.

The originally received materials, after being pre-determined on the ground, are driven from the receiving hopper to the sorter to separate from the soil.

The purest materials are driven to the crushers for further breakage and, from there, to the stage of their final screening in the vibrating sieves after removing by static magnets the metallic materials that may have resulted from the breaking of the soil in the crusher.

In the vibrating sieves they are separated into desired granulometries (0-5 mm, 5-28 mm, 28-70 mm) and are transferred to silos according their size.

Από τα σιλό φορτώνονται σε φορτηγά αυτοκίνητα και συγκεντρώνονται σε σωρούς ανάλογα με το μέγεθος ή την κατηγορία των υλικών και προωθούνται στην αγορά για επιχωματώσεις ή την κατασκευή  έργων ανάλογα με την ποιότητά τους.

From the silos, they are loaded on trucks and are gathered in piles, depending on the size or the category of the materials, and are marketed for embankments or for construction projects depending on their quality.

Metal waste are transported to appropriate recycling units.