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Production of aggregates

Based on the characteristics of the deposit and the physicochemical properties of the rock, mining is carried out using explosive materials (drilling - loading - blasting). The mining model to be followed during mining operations is described in detail in our quarry's technical study below.

This model has been adopted in order to create controlled extraction situations and, therefore, absolutely safe operations, so as to ensure that workers and any neighbors of the intervention site are protected.

The drilling method and drilling arrangements are appropriately selected to ensure that, in conjunction with the appropriate explosive and charge, the best possible results are obtained, namely:

Increasing the efficiency of the explosive.

Reducing the launching of rock blocks over long distances

Reducing the explosion noise

Production of an appropriate extracted product to be processed

For the production of marketable products of appropriate granulometry, the mined material is processed in the fracture assembly and granulometric classification which has been installed and operates in the quarry area. The product manufacturing complex consists of primary and secondary crushing machines, sieves and conveyor belts. The complex has a total power of 1735.95 HP and its production capacity is 2000 m3 of products per day operating in one eight-hour shift.

The loading of the mined material from the site is carried out with a CAT 988F loader.

For the transportation of the mined materials from the sites to the processing plants for the production of gravel, Dumper trucks are used.

The average distance, as shown in the diagrams, is estimated at 300 meters with a maximum of 800 meters.

Throughout the production process an irrigation system is operating in order to avoid dust generation in the quarry site or on the roads or on the crushing machines.

The extracted materials are divided into two main categories:

a) Materials promoted for primary and secondary breakage to produce aggregates of different classes depending on the intended use

From the materials resulting from breakage production, stones measuring 80 to 160 mm are separated and promoted for filling gabions.

Part of the crushed materials which are not absorbed by the market are again promoted to tertiary rupture through a suitable assembly (TORNADO) in order to produce sand with low fume suitable for the production of asphalt mixture and concrete.

b) In boulders, which will be used unchanged or after breaking into smaller sizes with a special mechanical hammer, in order to be promoted on the market either for the construction of port projects or for the protection of the slopes of torrents and rivers.

c) Since this particular limestone has been rated by the sugar factory as of excellent quality for the production of lime necessary in the production process of sugar, special size granules of 80-120 mm stones are being promoted to produce lime for the sugar plant in Orestiada.