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The company MAKRIS QUARRIES SA has been active since 1996 in the field of production and disposal of aggregates. In its long history, it has established itself as one of the most remarkable companies in the sector in the Thrace region, showing a remarkable growth rate.

Our daily aim is to keep up-to-date about market requirements, so that we are able to provide our customers with ready-made products in the required quantities and quality, as well as excellent services.

The quality management system established by the company complies with the International Standard ELOT ISO EN 9001: 2008.

The products produced are CE-certified according to the European Standards ΕΝ 12620: 2002, ΕΝ 13242: 2002, ΕΝ 13043: 2002, ΕΝ 13450: 2002 and ΕΝ 13383-1: 2002.

The headquarters of the company are in the Municipality of Alexandroupolis, while its duration is set at 40 years.

The main objects of activity are:

  • Extraction and trading of gravel and sand
  • Generation of electricity from photovoltaic systems
  • Breaking, cleaning and sorting of other wastes (AEKK, from demolition-demolition excavations) for the recovery of non-metallic secondary raw materials.

The vision of the company MAKRIS QUARRIES SA is to recognize market requirements and provide customers with top quality products (aggregates) and services.

The Company's Quality Policy is:

  • The satisfaction of all customers through the production of high quality products and services, which are always available at competitive prices.
  • Continuous and immediate response to customer needs with consistency and accountability.
  • Continuous improvement of the Quality Management System for the benefit of the company itself, its employees and its customers.
  • Continuous updating and training of human resources on quality issues.
  • Continuous development in a way that contributes to the society and the environment.

The above policy has been approved by the Company's management and is specified with the following Objectives:

  • The economic prosperity of the company.
  • The satisfaction of all its customers.
  • Providing high quality products
  • The development of company resources

These purposes are measurable and monitored, while their achievement is controlled, in order to ensure compliance with the Policy and sustained improvement.

The management and the executives of "MAKRIS QUARRIES SA" are committed to the continuous observance and upgrading of the Quality Policy.