Ammos A - ΕΝ 13043:2002

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PRODUCT: Ammos A - ΕΝ 13043:2002 Aggregates for bituminous mixtures and surface treatments for roads, airfields and other trafficked areas

PRODUCT Ammos A    
Particle size: Deignation d/D: 0 / 5,6     
Grading: Category GA90     
  Sieve Value Tolerance Typical Grading Category
  11,2  100% 
  8 100%  
  5,6 94% ±5 GTC20
  2,8 65%  ±20
  0,063 15% ±3
Particle density: Declared Value 2.616 Mg/m3 
Fines Content: Category f  f16
Methylene Blue Test Category MBF MBF10
Water Absorption: Category WA24 WA241
Percentage of crushed and broken surfaces: Category C C100/0
Composition / Content: Caclite >95%, Quartz 2-3%, Mica <1%
Release of Dangerous Substances Below legal limits
Lightweight contamination Category mLPC  mLPC0,1
Angularity Category ECS ECS35

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